Friday, August 21, 2015

Remote control drone with camera on the Lebanese sky

Some photographers have wondered if they are allowed to use remote control drone with camera ( - visit this site to see what is a remote control drone) in Lebanon. I will tell you my own experience when I travelled in this country.

In 2014, I bought a very expensive photographic equipment and I intended to bring it to Lebanon. It's a remote control drone with camera, a specialized equipment that can fly up to the sky to take photos of fabulous landscapes. It can take not only pictures but also HD videos. My remote control drone with camera can fly up to 300 meters far and go 500ft high.

 remote control drone with camera flying on the sky
A remote control drone with camera on the sky

As we both know in Lebanon people might get trouble with the local police or the army because Lebanese army has their own rules of security issues. Some friends of mine told me that "Don't worry about it, if you don't take photos of thing belong to military, you will be allowed to use this device". However, I still worried so I did a research on the internet and found out the related information.
For tourists want to visit the archaeological and tourist attractions under the control and supervision of the UNIF (United Nations Interim Forces) in Lebanon, they need a permission paper from the local army barracks in Sidon. Please note that it must be a written permission granted on the day you visit the region and you should show your passport and explain the reason for the tour. You had better not to use the remote control drone in the South of the Litani river and bordering.

After considering all the stuff, I decided to take the remote control drone to Lebanon with me then applied for a permission and I did make sure that I would not reach the South of the Litani river. I really hope that my story can help your journey with the control drone safe and joyful.

Why is a handheld vacuum cleaner?

Reasons why you should choose handheld vacuum cleaners

Most of advertisements for vacuums mislead customers  that only expensive vacuums can make your cleaning-up perfectly. In fact, it's not worth to spend $500 for vacuums to have your floors clean while you can buy the best cordless hand vacuum with the price under $150. The most important key is you should have a little knowledge of  advantages of using a handheld vacuum.

Some friends of mine complained that their vacuum cleaners sucked at sucking. Before they decide to go to the market for a new one, I often suggest them to consider reasons why they should choose a handheld vacuum cleaner (see more at
Handheld vacuum cleaner role in our life
Handheld vacuum cleaner role in our life

Standard vacuums sometime loses suction

The common reason why a vacuum can't picking up things off the floors is the distance between the vacuum and the floor you are vacuuming is too much. You must raise or lower the level on the vacuum to help it run properly. Everything seems to be easier with handheld vacuum cleaners, all you need is move your hand vacuum to the stuff you want to clean up.

Standard vacuum hoses are easier to be clogged than others

In some cases, too much stuff trying to get into the vacuum will make the hoses clogged. After removing the bag or canister, you might look into the hole of the vacuum and see that there are a too much hair. You should pull out the clog of hair with some tweezers. You even can disconnect and remove the hose from the vacuum and repeat the process with the hose.
I'm sure that it sounds a little complicated. These trouble will not happen with handheld vacuum cleaners because they don't have  hoses. In my opinion, the Black and Decker hand vacuum is a smart choice. I have used this for 1 year and it still work properly.
I hope these tips above will  help you make a good choice for a new handheld vacuum. Hope that I can help you love your home.

Handheld vacuum cleaners - perfect tools for your sweet home

Hi, I've found out a website sharing reviews of handheld vacuum cleaners that you might interest . Vacuum cleaners play an important role in your daily life especially when you need to clean up carpet or rugs.  These cleaning tools can instantly finish sucking up dust, dirt, debris. But it's not mean that any vacuum can work well. Each vacuum model is suitable with specific space.

It's very important to consider the carpet size in your home when you looking at vacuum cleaners. It depends on the space you need to clean up, large areas or only few rugs. Both using a too large vacuum for a small space and vacuuming large areas with tiny vacuum are unreasonable.
You should also take a look at different features of the vacuums such as their attachments,  bag or bagless varieties, filters, etc.

make your house work easier with Handheld vacuum cleaners
Handheld vacuum cleaners make your house work easier

The type of vacuum cleaner often has a great affect on how much time you easily finish your job. Handheld vacuum cleaners with any feature (upright, robotic, cordless, stick, canister vacuums) have their own advantages to be suitable for certain spaces.

Handheld vacuum cleaner with small, easy handle size helps cleaning-up easier, sucking up small objects becomes faster. Handheld vacuums are flexible versions of vacuum cleaners. Cleaning-up messes is greater if the handheld vacuums are cordless and bagless because you're free to move to any space you want in your home.

I have a cordless handheld vacuum and my experiments with this tool is excellent. Such an ideal cleaning tool espeacilly when I try to clean the interior of my car, the cordless handheld vacuum does show its power. Not only the ability to suck up crumbs and dirt under car seats, a cordless handheld vacuum can also clean car upholstery.

In my opinion, they are perfect tools for dealing with all messes and small/awark spaces in our home,  they quite useful in almost situations. Convenient, flexible, effective are words I usually use for describing cordless hand held vacuums.